freccia giu
Our courses start at yellow for the young ones and finish at black; they progress in order of age and difficulty. During your two and a half hour visit you will have the chance to experiment with all the different courses starting from the easiest and building up to the next level.

A lifeline will accompany you on all the courses and guarantees total security. You will be equipped with a harness and special carabiner; you will be attached for the duration of the courses in all moments.

How does it work?

Our staff starts every visit with a briefing that will give guests all the technical information necessary to start the activity on a test course. Equipped with the best harness, helmet, longe and pulley guests will be capable of taking on any course in safety and autonomy. Each course will have a sign reminding guests how to proceed. Our instructors will follow from on the ground to assist in any needs.


+12 years

The most physically demanding course that will test your skills with two breathtaking ziplines at the end. For many, but not for all!
Minors must be followed by an adult either on the course or on the ground.



+10 years

Made for a young Tarzan, experience a mix of emotions and thrills as you learn your limits and push past them. From platform to platform the excitement builds: Tarzan’s jump, the Trapeze, The Skateboard…Play 10 meters off the ground in total safety. Minors must be followed by an adult either on the course or on the ground.




+9 years

Extreme fun, the Blue Course permits you to build confidence with this new sport moving at heights up to 6 meters. A true adventure course that tests your agility.