freccia giu

A magical place for both big and small

Live an adventure in the open air!
Il Gigante Adventure Park offers courses for the whole family. Our courses are designed for children of all ages and adaptable to meet each person’s desire for adventure. Immerse yourself in a charmed forest where you can share the excitement of new discoveries and experiences with many acrobatic games and passages.
Take on new risks in complete safety with our continuous lifeline system.
parco avventura per bambini e famiglie
At Il Gigante we have 6 courses for smallest children (3-5 years), 2 orange courses for kids age 6 and up, 4 green courses for kids 7 and up and 2 blue courses for guests 9 and up.
After the park activities are completed families can remain at the adventure park to enjoy the open air and refreshing shade.