freccia giu

The forest is an ideal location to discover, experiment and live nature. Our adventure park is really a school in the open air!

Adventure park activities are for 2 uninterrupted hours in the morning or afternoon.
We also offer sensorial and creative workshops in collaboration with l’Associazione Ar-tu. (For information please contact Elena Cherici tel. 3385412519) or orienteering activities inside our park.


The group organizer should check in at the office equipped with completed registration forms for the whole group and with a full list of participant names. Students will arrive at the park and leave their backpacks at a table. Before starting the course all students should visit the bathroom and then they will be organized by age. They will be given harnesses and helmets by our instructors and need to participate in a test course to be sure everyone understands the rules.
Accompanying adults will assist the students with the course. Accompanying adults do not need a ticket. Once activities are completed students will return to the base. Groups may remain for lunch or snacks with our bar or independently.